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5 Day Single Track Mountain Biking Tour in Mexico
This listing has no upcoming availability. Check out these similar experiences

This listing has no upcoming availability. Check out these similar experiences

(No availability) 5 Day Single Track Mountain Biking Tour in Mexico

Meson De Santa Elena Hotel, Av. Hidalgo 155, Col Centro, 46900 Mascota, Jalisco, Western Mexico, Mexico

Biking Tour Mexico

Mascota Ride welcomes you to this mountain bike tour along the Mexican countryside! Immerse yourself into the real authentic Mexican culture and surprise yourself with delicious food and craft spirits. You will also enjoy the lifestyle of 16th-century villages with huge Spanish influence. Get ready to ride through amazing single tracks that will connect you with many other villages and show you the real Mexican lifestyle.

Key information

  • Trip type: Guided
  • Lodging: Center-based
  • Terrain: Loamy corners, technical rock gardens, smooth tracks, steep slopes, and narrow trails with man-made obstacles
  • Starts in: Mascota
  • Ends in: Mascota
  • Difficulty level: Moderate (Cyclist needs to have a good level of fitness, terrain is mostly hilly or unpaved but they will ride on flat terrain sometime, 31-45 miles per day)
  • Total distance: 47 to 93 miles / 75 to 150 kilometers
  • Type of bike: Mountain bike (70 USD per day)
  • Maximum number of participants: 6 people

Meet the instructors

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  • Guided bike tour
  • Use of bike bag storage
  • Starts and ends in Mascota
  • Services of English-speaking local guides
  • Private transportation for the whole trip
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • 4 nights' accommodation
  • Breakfast

Skill level

  • Intermediate


4 cycling days in English
The organizer also speaks: French, Spanish
Group size: Maximum of 6 participants
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Check-in Time:
Check-out Time:

During this tour, you will be accommodated in double occupancy rooms at Meson De Santa Elena Hotel. You can also stay at an accommodation in Puerto Vallarta area if needed. Mascota Ride has very awesome secret beach spots to stay there.



Your guide will pick you up in Puerto Vallarta and drive you for two hours inland through a panoramic road to the beautiful town from the 16th-century town, Mascota. The riding will mostly start up on 3,000 meters over sea level. You will be working your way down on different trails passing through agave plant fields, horse and farming towns, local distilleries, and many other Mexican surprises. Your guide will be with you full time, ensuring that your Spanish turns better. He will also show you the local side of Mexico.


With only a two-hour drive inland from Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport (PVR), you will place yourself 1,270 meters over sea level inside the Sierra Madre Occidental, in an unspoiled hub called Mascota. Mascota has an interesting German mining history and fresh and authentic culture.

Let the trails of this region take you around for an amazing ride inside the Mexican country traditions, culture, and natural landscapes. Let yourself fall in love with the relaxing lifestyle the locals have to share with their visitors. Mascota has also been internationally awarded as a Mexican Magic Town by UNESCO.

The trails here are something special, with a great variety of terrain. Loamy corners, technical rock gardens, and smooth tracks are all surrounded by scenic views and farming culture. These trails have hosted different international mountain bike events such as the Trans-Vallarta Enduro and several national mountain bike events. While you explore the Mascota area, you will also ride around the beautiful village of Navidad, taste the local moonshine in Cimarron, and enjoy a beautiful sunset on the town of Yerbabuena.

You will also ride to San Sebastián del Oeste, a town situated in between Mascota and Puerto Vallarta. It used to be well-known as the capital of the state of Jalisco back in the day where Spanish and German colonies used to store the gold. The riding here is 90% descending trails from the top of a touristy spot called Mirado La Bufa, a rock formation sightseeing spot over 2,600 meters over sea level. From here, you can see the ocean on a clear day.

Let this trails tell you a golden story from back in the day. You will also enjoy a delicious meal by the river while you wait for your next shuttle ride! Like Mascota, San Sebastián del Oeste has also been internationally awarded as a Mexican Magic Town by UNESCO. Moreover, the trail system developed in Puerto Vallarta is super fun, loose, sandy, and humid! With a sunrise start, you will ride from above 1,000 meters over sea level and work your way down straight down to the beers, sorry, to the beach! You can also stop beside the Rio Cuale and jump into a freshwater swimming hole chill and get ready for the fish tacos!


Even though Mascota Ride may have rental bikes at the destinations, it is proven that people prefer a mountain bike adventure with their own bikes and gears. Mascota Ride offers full suspension bikes with disk hydraulic brakes, tubeless wheels, and dropper seat post. If you decided to bring your own bike, Mascota Ride recommends you to bring a mountain bike that will hold up for the entire trip, one in good repairs and recently tuned. They also recommend a full suspension bike with more than 10 gears and tires in good conditions (tubeless if possible).

Some of the trips that Mascota Ride has to offer have pretty rudimentary bike shops where it’s always hard to find bike parts. So, they provide bike tools to fix and provide general maintenance during your trip and it is possible that they may have some spare used parts to sell. However, it is highly recommended for you to bring your own spare parts.

Skill level

The skill level for this tour is intermediate. It means, there will be challenging ridings with some steep slopes and / or obstacles, possibly on narrow trails with man-made obstacles. These include but are not limited to small jumps, roots, rock gardens, and other terrain variations. To join this tour, you must be an experienced rider.


  • can cycle for 3-4 hours
  • average riding experience
  • little assistance required
  • comfortable with extreme curves and leans
  • average experience with unsurfaced roads
  • steep ascents and descents


Alvaro Gutierrez Leal


This biking tour will take place in Mexico. Starting and ending in Mascota, the route will cover places such as Sierra Madre Occidental, Navidad, Cimarron, Yerbabuena, San Sebastián del Oeste, Mirado La Bufa, and Puerto Vallarta.


Mascota is up in the Sierra Madre Mountains, at about 5,000 feet from sea level. It is a really quaint town with lots of authentic Mexican culture, good services, nice weather, and great people. It is surrounded by a bunch of 10,000 feet peaks and big mountains with pine forests. It gives visitors the possibility of a mixture of mountains and beaches. It is also a pretty affordable destination since it is not touristy. Mascota Ride believes that a destination like this would be of great interest for riders from all around the world.

Mascota, the Magic Town of the state of Jalisco, is a site of beautiful landscapes with rivers, valleys, and mountains that stand out for their vegetation composed of oaks, firs, and pines. Some of the must-see sites of this Jalisco community are the Municipal Palace, a neoclassical 18th-century building and its picturesque Plaza Principal, which has neoclassical details in its beautiful gardens, as well as vernacular-style architecture and a Neo-Mudejar-style kiosk.

Regarding cultural tourism, every time you visit the magical village of Mascota, you have to visit the Museo Arqueologico with its four exhibition areas, where there are archaeological pieces and hundreds of pieces of bone, ceramics, and stone. You are also recommended to visit Museo El Pedregal, which is distinguished because everything is adorned with stones. The collection of this enclosure has objects of different sizes, such as chess, guitars, crafts, photographs, and many other interesting objects. It also has a lovely wishing well.

The place offers enthusiasts of eco-tourism and adventure, such as a fascinating mountain circuit made up of Mascota, and attractive sites of its surroundings such as Navidad, Juanacatlán, Cimarron, and Yerbabuena. It is advisable to take boat trips, practice trekking, rock climbing, horseback riding, motorbike, and cycling.

The sites that all lovers of nature tourism should visit during their vacations at Mascota are the Laguna de Juanacatlán, the Corrinchis Dam, the Yerbabuena Lagoon, Pilas de Agua Caliente, Piedra de la Narizona, Volcan el Molcajete, Campo Petrificado El Malpais, Cascada El Rincón de Ixcatán, Cañón el Ocotillo, La Mesa Colorada, and Cañón El Tacote. Finally, the place has the archaeological site El Pantano, which is located in the lower part of a hill where a cemetery was discovered and objects dating back to 800 before Christ.

San Sebastián del Oeste

San Sebastián del Oeste is a town that owes its beauty to its splendid mining past, which at the time of the colony populated it with more than 20,000 inhabitants who sought to exploit the richness of the deposits. The closure of the mines in the late nineteenth century caused its transformation into a ghost town, although efforts to take advantage of the tourist attractions of its haciendas, ranches, and temples have borne fruit and have made it one of the seven Magical Towns of the state of Jalisco.

The town is surrounded by a wooded landscape of leafy fruit trees, pines and oaks, as well as portentous coffee plantations, San Sebastián del Oeste sinks every morning in the white mist that shelters its few, though proud, residents. As the day passes, the sun's rays illuminate the mansions, ex-haciendas, and red-roofed houses that remain standing superbly.

Another protector of the town is Cerro de la Bufa, from where you can admire the small town in all its splendor, and on the horizon, the Bahía de Banderas, which is part of the state of Nayarit. It recalls the incalculable natural wealth of the Mexican shoal. The town's proximity to Puerto Vallarta is only 60 kilometers away. Most of the year, it offers a pleasant climate between fresh and tropical.

San Sebastián del Oeste seems to be no different from the surroundings when it was inhabited by the Tecos before the Spanish conquest in 1524. However, the discovery of mineral wealth twenty years later turned it into one of the main centers miners of the New Spain. Its jurisdiction got to include the real ones of San Sebastián, Real de Los Reyes, Jolapa, Real de Santiago, and San Nicolás.

Unlike other mining towns that were plagued by misfortune and had therefore to stop the exploitation of their land, San Sebastián del Oeste saw its productivity culminated because of a labor dispute with the New York company, Mr. Beckar, at the end of the 19th century, who did not agree with the benefits obtained by the miners after a strike and ordered the cessation of operations.

For a time, San Sebastián del Oeste provided mule with salt for the process of melting the mines that subsisted in the villages of Sierra. But, as the first years of the 20th century passed, the settlers migrated, with the subsequent economic ruin that got this magical town into the time loop. As a silent witness, there remains the cemetery of San Sebastián del Oeste, which was built in the eighteenth century. In it were the stories of its characters, buried on top of an ancient volcano in elaborate quarry tombs, the symbol of better times.

The charm of this magical town begins from its main square, as it is surrounded by buildings and historical monuments, such as El Mesón. El Mesón is one of the most precious architectural gems of the place that dates from 1729 and has maintained its design and the function it has played for centuries, as well as some pieces of old furniture.

To the north of the square is Los Portales de Morelos. It is a hugely popular site since there are traditional businesses that have retained their old names, such as La Primavera, El Progreso, El Porvenir, El Nuevo Mundo, La Barandilla, El Barandilla, and La Reforma. Near the historic center are several important religious sites for the inhabitants, especially the one of San Sebastián Mártir, built in austere neoclassical style by the Franciscans at the end of the 18th century. It was surpassed by a remodeling in 1897 that modified its domes and provided them with a modernist aspect.

On every January 20, the town is dressed in colors to celebrate the patron saint festival of San Sebastián, where there is music, dancing, pyrotechnics, horseback riding, and cultural activities that attract hundreds of pilgrims and visitors each year, also on every October seventh, in honor of Santísima Virgen del Rosario del Real Alto, who has a home in the Templo de Real del Alto, an ancient construction of the seventeenth century whose altar is made in delicate works of carved wood.

Around the center, there are several interesting places to learn more about the culture and tradition this area. The first is the Casa Museo Doña Conchita Encarnación, which belonged to the great-great-grandmother of a very closed Spanish family, which its members married each other.

Therefore, the moment came when Doña Conchita became the wife, cousin, and aunt of her own husband. This curious story and many others can be heard in this room in the voice of Lupita, the guardian of this legacy of photographs, dresses, objects, furniture, and memories that tell the story of the people from a micro-universe.

Another nice place in this magical town is Café de Altura la Quinta Mary, where one of the best organic coffees in the region is produced. Their coffee plantations are fumigated with chili, onion, and garlic to avoid the use of pesticides altogether. In its huge production plants, however, with a very homemade touch, the coffee is roasted, ground and packed. As a result, delicious typical Mexican sweets are made.

Also, in Fábrica de Puros Artesanales, you can obtain magnificent local products of tobacco. Also, to finish the triad of the pleasures, there exist several distilleries of mezcal that take advantage of the sweet fruits of the cultures of agave lechuguilla.

The most emblematic buildings of San Sebastián del Oeste are the estates and haciendas that remain standing, such as El Mesón, Posada del Sol, La Victoria and Jalisco, which is best known for its beauty, since from its entrance there is a quarry carved in quarry whose end goes into the profuse vegetation of the coffee plantations.

Within this complex are several vestiges of what was a mining hacienda, such as the ovens, the chimney, and the arches of the entrance. Adapted as a museum, in Jalisco, you can admire objects of the economic splendor of San Sebastián, such as tools, precious stones, photographs, documents, books, and other memories. In addition, staying at the hacienda Jalisco is a very enriching experience because not having electricity or modern amenities represents a trip to the past experience.

Vestiges of the ancient splendor of San Sebastián are also the mines and caves, which abound in the vicinity of Cerro de la Bufa. The most popular are La Terronera and Santa Gertrudis, which is open to tourism after more than 150 years of being inaugurated for the extraction of silver. Their tunnels descend 60 meters to the depths in a straight line and are not suitable for claustrophobics as they measure only 1,80 meters high by 1,70 wide.

Finally, Cerro de la Bufa is the setting for the magnificent evenings of San Sebastián del Oeste. The sunsets that can be seen from its main square are so beautiful that they take your breath away. It is mainly a very quiet and safe village, where you can spend unforgettable afternoons in their farms. You can also enjoy nature in places like Rancho Ecoturístico Potrero de Mulas, which has ecological cabins in the middle of pine forests, streams, and profuse trails.



  • Mountain biking
  • Surfing
  • Swimming


  • Balcony
  • Dining area
  • Multilingual staff


Where meals are included, Mascota Ride usually provides good quality and healthy meals. The meals are cooked with traditional ingredients and products from around the area so you can enjoy more about the culture and traditions from each different place. If you have any food preferences such as being vegetarian, vegan, or allergic to any kind of seeds or products, please let Mascota Ride know, so they can arrange a different menu for you.

Most dishes in this area are cooked with 100% organic food from the farms that surround the valley. People grow their own food in their backyards. The culinary traditions of Mascota and its surroundings include delights such as rich pot coffee, homemade cookies, artisan sweets, fruit preserves, and root vegetables.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Organic
  • Other dietary requirements on request
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

Things to do (optional)

  • Surfing
  • Swimming in Rio Cuale
  • Visiting other beach towns

What's included

  • Guided bike tour
  • Services of English-speaking local guides
  • Use of bike bag storage
  • Tech and mechanical support
  • Custom t-shirt
  • Trail fees
  • Private transportation for the whole trip (including shuttles and drivers during rides)
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • 4 nights' accommodation
  • Breakfast

What's not included

  • Personal expenses (alcoholic beverages, souvenirs, partying in Oaxaca, etc)
  • Medical insurance
  • Airfare (flights, airport taxes or excess baggage charges if any)
  • Bike equipment
  • Gratitude and tips for guides, drivers, cooks, etc.
  • Spare parts (available for purchase during the trip)

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 14% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.
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