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8 Things You Need to Do to Make Bike Riding More Comfortable

by Cristina Costea

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What could be more fun than going on a bicycle adventure? Discovering new and exciting destinations, spending time with fellow cyclists, and embracing the open road and whatever Mother Nature has to throw at you. But cycling, especially for longer distances, can be quite uncomfortable for many. 

Sure, it’s great to feel the wind in your hair and admire the road attractions, but how fun can it be when your backside is numb with pain due to a hard saddle? Especially after a break in cycling, the body needs some help to literally get back in the saddle again!

We have 8 things that will make riding your bike more comfortable for your body, ease you into the summer cycling season, and help you have a great cycling holiday!


8. Inspect, Clean, and Lubricate Your Bike


A dirty bike doesn’t run as smooth as it should, and an unlubricated bike runs even less smooth. All this means that you will get tired faster and the ride won’t be as fun as it could be if you had a clean and lubricated bike. Inspect your bike before you take it out on the road for longer rides. If you don’t know how to do it, leave it up to professionals. Find a bike shop near your home and get your bike inspected regularly.


7. Install Mudguards


Sure, mudguards won’t stop you from feeling pain in your upper back, arms, or behind, but they will keep you from getting dirty and that’s a great way to encourage you to stay on your bike and keep going! There are even clip-on mudguards to choose from if you don’t want to make any permanent changes to your bike. Stay clean on the road and enjoy the ride even more!


6. Get Your Reach Right


It is very important to get the right reach on your bike. It’s key to feeling comfortable and being able to bike for long distances. If you have to stretch too far to reach the bike’s handlebars, this will cause pain in your shoulders, neck, and even your back. So, the trick is to decrease your reach and make it just right. You can try doing this yourself, at home, and tweak the distance until you don’t feel any more pain when your ride.


5. Check Your Handlebar Height


The height of your handlebar is another thing that can impact your comfort while riding your bike. If you enjoy taking long-distance bike rides, then you will definitely benefit from a slightly higher position of the handlebar. If you’re a racer who’s after improving their speeds, then drop it lower, but know that it can put some stress on your hamstrings and shoulders. Don’t go too low, because it will also throw you off your balance, which is something you definitely don’t want to happen on the road or anywhere else, for that matter.


4. Check Saddle Height and Angle


In most cases, the most uncomfortable element in a bike is the saddle. A wrong saddle height or angle can cause terrible pain over the course of a ride, and that pain can and will linger on for days. We recommend you read this article to learn about the right height of the saddle and its tilt that will help you avoid the awful bike seat-related aches that comes with a badly positioned saddle. Besides, it’s something you can do by yourself, without any help!


3. Get a Gel Bike Seat Cover


Now that you’ve figured out the height and tilt of your bike seat, you should be good to go. If you’re still not comfortable enough on it, maybe it’s time you got yourself a gel bike seat cover. Some seats are just too hard and no matter how you tweak them, they’ll just never be comfortable, which is why a gel cover could come in handy. There’s no point in suffering if you can fix it with something as simple as a gel cover! 


2. Get a New Bike Seat Altogether


If the gel cover still doesn’t do it for you and you’re still sore from riding your bike, then it’s time to invest in a brand-new bike seat. Your behind will thank you for it! Take some time to do a little research on the most comfortable seats out there, maybe even chat to some people at your local bike shop. Make sure you can return your bike seat cover if it doesn’t work for you!


1. Get a New Bike


If all else fails, and you simply don’t feel comfortable with your bike anymore, then maybe it’s time to get a new bicycle. Just remember to take into consideration your height, build, and plans for your bike, to ensure that your new bike won’t cause you any aches and pains. Getting the right sized bike is paramount and if you aren’t sure about how to go about it, then we advise you let professionals assess and recommend the perfect bike for you!  

Eager to get back on the open road with your bike and making new memories? Then how about you book yourself a spot on a leisure cycling vacation in a destination you’ve always wanted to explore?

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