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Pedalers Pub & Grille is an innovative bike tour operator offering award-winning bicycle trips in Southeast Asia, the Himalayas, Africa, Alaska, and Hawaii.

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Katie United States

Pedalers Pub & Grille website

Everything about the trip organization speaks to the practice and experience of the guides, both American (Tom) and Thai (Noom). All the hotels were basically great and we stayed in some beautiful national park resorts, and for every issue or difficulty presented by our fellow riders, Tom and Noom have a smile and a solution. They can soothe picky eaters while managing not to bore adventurous ones. They have turn-by-turn route maps printed out so intense cyclists can push ahead with confidence while more casual sightseers can tootle behind and take pictures of temples and cows. They know secret detours where you can feed monkeys and they have been coming on some of the island tours on kayaks through caves and mangrove swamps for long enough that they can also give advice about not cutting yourself on oyster shells. I was impressed and pleased and had a great time! Definitely an item for the lifetime bucket list if you do not travel often, but if you do, do it soon and have it be your first of many. Huge value for time, money, and airplane distance from California.

Gerda E.

Pedalers Pub & Grille website

Bike Friday send us a suggestion, we grabbed it without knowing anything about Pedalers Pub and Grille, and only knew Thailand from guidebooks. This trip was very special. The outfitter really knows his stuff. The backroads, the jungle, the karst mountains, the little villages, the accommodations, the meals - everything was top notch. Tom knows his business and makes sure his clients are well taken care of. His "sag" driver was always there when needed. Atop of every incline, he had fresh fruit and ice water. Before every lunch spot, he had ice cold towelettes to wipe the sweat off the brow. This area is tropical, hot and humid, and incredibly beautiful. The combination of bicycling and kayaking is what intrigued us. The Andaman Sea, with its rock formation islands, is exactly what we had seen in travel magazines. To be there and experience kayaking into the lagoons inside these rocks was fabulous. The end of the bike trip was another kayaking adventure through the mangrove forest in a marine park. Local fishermen claiming, crabbing, and fishing was special because a lot of our delicious Thai food came from the sea.

Peter B.

Pedalers Pub & Grille website

Oh gosh, where to start? Thailand is an amazing backdrop with gorgeous weather, friendly folks, and yummy food. Of course, the cycling was the highlight, with a moderate pace that left me tired but not beaten down. I have always been a solo cyclist, so I was wary of the whole "guided trip" aspect. In fact, I came to realize how wonderful it was to have the route pre-planned, the logistics covered, the sights and culture explained. We saw so many wonderful, out-of-the-way spots that I would never have found on my own. At the same time, there were opportunities to go off on our own, whether that was racing through the rollers or exploring towns during our free time.

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